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Innovation Technology solution provider

SINOINI INNOVATION HITECH CO., LTD. is an innovation technology solution provider. Based on technological innovations, SINOINI offers a proven total solutions, systems, and services to create values for our customers. We provide a series of Smart environments, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Face & Iris recognition, artificial intelligence and other technical solutions around smart cities.​

Our Technology Solutions

Our Services
Epidemic prevention and control management system

We provide a highly secure, fast identification and traceable access control system. We can accurately identify the entering and exiting people and synchronize their temperature information.

Face & Iris recognition

The face + iris recognition system provides customers with a more secure identity recognition solution and a "Touch-free Access" experience.


Our IoT platform provide I. “Integrated sensor monitoring system”

II. “High-precision positioning system”

III. “Parking management system” etc.

Smart Environment

I. Smart wristbands

II. Robotics

III. Intelligent behavior analysis system


I. DMS System

II. UAV Solution 

III. Robotic Arm 

IV. AI Smart Parking 

V. Parking Robot System 


I. Smart retail solutions

II. Intelligent Fire Control Solution 

III. Big-Date-Based Drivers & Vehicles Control Solution 

New Solution

Smart Parking Robot

#Parking ‧ #Robotics

#Disruptive Technologies


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